Letters from Turkish Fourth graders

May 01, 2019

These are the letters from Turkish fourth graders. These letters are full of love, hope, and inspiration. There are also amazing drawings of galaxies, planets, and rockets. These letters clearly highlight the importance of visible role models in STEM.

San Diego Comic Fest

March 09, 2019

San Diego Comic Fest is a comic book and science fiction convention now in its seventh year. Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil was a special invited guest in the track of popular science presentations given every year at Comic Fest. Her presentation was extremely well received by an audience whose members ranged in age from teens to retirees.


Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil also participated in two panel discussions with other scientists, one on “Science in the 21st Century: What's Coming Between Now and 2100” and one on “How can I become a scientist?”.

MMT Observatory-Smithsonian Lecture Series on Astronomy

February 27, 2019

On February 27th, Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil gave a public lecture as part of the 49th Smithsonian Lecture Series in Astronomy. The lectures are held at the Green Valley Recreation Center West at 9 am and typically attract an audience of 200-300 people, most of whom are retired professionals. They are very engaged and curious.

Celebration of TED Fellowship

Look back at 10 years of uncovering scientific breakthroughs, inspiring creativity, pursuing justice and exploring the unknown with TED Fellows. 

Keynote Speech at Women in Space Conference

February 08, 2019

Women in Space 2019 is an expansion of the Women in Planetary Science and Exploration 2018 conference. This event is an opportunity for scientists and engineers to showcase their work in the field of space and planetary science. The event highlights the achievements of women and non-binary researchers, while offering an opportunity to discuss, challenge, network, and support their peers.

2018 TED Fellow

The TED Fellows program supports extraordinary, iconoclastic individuals at work on world-changing projects, providing them with access to the global TED platform and community, as well as new tools and resources to amplify their remarkable vision. The TED Fellows program now includes 453 Fellows who work across 96 countries, forming a powerful, far-reaching network of artists, scientists, doctors, activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, journalists and beyond, each dedicated to making our world better and more equitable. Read more about their visionary work on the TED Fellows blog.

2018 Rising Stars in Physics Workshop

April 24, 2018

This workshop, initiated and co-sponsored by MIT, brings the next generation of physics academic leaders together for two days of scientific discussions and informal sessions aimed at navigating the early stages of the academic career. In addition to research presentations, panel discussions on issues relevant to academic careers, opportunities for informal networking, and set aside time for the participants to get to know each other and form connections that persist through time.

AAS Astronomy Ambassadors 2018

October 30, 2017

Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil has recently become an AAS Astronomy Ambassador. Called Astronomy Ambassadors, the program provides mentoring and training experiences on outreach for young astronomers, from advanced undergraduates to new faculty; it also provides access to resources and a network of contacts within the astronomy education and public outreach community.

Co-chair of Tucson Women in Astronomy (TWA)

September 01, 2017

Tucson Women in Astronomy (TWA) is a group of female graduate students and postdocs at Steward Observatory, NOAO, and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil recently became the co-chair of this amazing group. The group addresses gender equity issues at the university level through scientific networking within our local and international research communities, peer mentoring, and involvement in scientific discourse. The group also promotes gender equity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields at all ages with the ongoing outreach programs.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Event

August 21, 2017

Volunteering at the Partial Solar Eclipse Event in Tucson was a great experience. The total phase of the 2017 Solar Eclipse was not visible in Tucson, but it could be observed there as a partial solar eclipse. People of all ages attended this Eclipse Viewing event, and they were eager to learn more about it. Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil was there to help guide the viewing experience and understand the eclipse.


Invited Speaker (June 2017)

The Arrowhead Astronomical Society (AAS) of Duluth was founded to give astronomy enthusiasts of all interest levels an opportunity to meet and share their passion for the wonders of the universe. Their mission is to promote the awareness, enjoyment, and understanding of astronomy. Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil was the special invited guest and gave a talk about her recent discovery of an extremely rare galaxy to a diverse audience (from a different age, gender, and background).  

Invited Speaker (June 2017)

The Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium first opened its doors to the public in 1967.  It was dedicated in June of 1967. In June of 2017, astronomy lovers celebrated the planetarium's anniversary at a private event. At this special event, Dr. Mutlu-Pakdil was the special invited guest and gave a talk about her exciting research.

Guest Lecturer

March 29, 2017

In Spring 2017, Mutlu-Pakdil gave a guest lecture for the astronomy class (for non-science majors) at University of Minnesota Duluth. 

Forum moderator (Spring 2017)

Skynet Junior Scholars is a program supported by the NSF, NRAO, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and other organizations to engage middle school youth in using research-grade robotic telescopes and data analysis tools to explore the Universe. Mutlu-Pakdil was an online mentor, who helps middle school students come up with good research methods and answers their questions.

Science Fair Judge (February 2017)

The goal of this Science Fair is "to foster students' interest and learning in science by supporting students doing science." The Minnesota Science Fair serves students in grades 7-12 in public, private, parochial, and home schools in Carlton, Cook, Lake, St.Louis, and Pine Counties. These students put in a lot of time and effort into their projects, and it is amazing to see the quality of their research and the professional level of their presentations. 

Invited Speaker (October 2016)

The Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium offers live, interactive shows and full-dome theater presentations. From traditional star displays and cultural shows that show the importance of astronomy around the world, to feature presentations that whisk you through the depths of outer space, the planetarium has something for curious stargazers of all ages. Mutlu-Pakdil talked about her research and shared her experience in science as a female astronomer to Girl Scout Troop. 

Volunteering in the Museum (September 2012)

In September 2012, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock organized an outreach event named " Under the Same Moon". The goal of the event was to illustrate the scale of the Solar System and give information about the planets. Mutlu-Pakdil stimulated interest in public and answered questions during the event. 

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