Discovery of An Extremely Rare Galaxy

Hoag-type galaxies are among the rarest types of galaxies currently known. We discovered a unique class of Hoag-type galaxies. This is the first example of an double ring eliptical galaxy. The presence of the inner ring challenges our theories and assumptions about how the Universe works. We initiated a follow-up observing program to understand this interesting group of galaxies.  

Search for Elusive Intermediate-mass Black Holes

Do black holes exists on all size scales? There is a notable scarcity of black holes in the medium  mass range.  We initiated an extensive search for intermediate-mass black holes  in low-luminosity active galactic nuclei and dwarf galaxies. The discovery of elusive black hole population is the key to understand the origin of supermassive black holes and early galaxy formation. 

Around the Neighborhood

We live in a galaxy called Milky Way. There are several small satellite galaxies. While these galaxies are among the most dark-matter dominated objects and a relatively simple laboratory for understanding how stars form within dark matter in general, they are also the basic building blocks for larger galaxies, e.g. galaxies like our own Milky Way devour smaller galaxies to become what they are today. We initiated deep imaging observations of these objects. 


Connection between Massive Black Holes and Host Galaxies

Most massive galaxies host a super massive black hole in their center. Observations show that there are several scaling relationships between the central black hole and the host galaxy, and this points to a co-evolution scenario of galaxy formation and BH growth. I investigated this co-evolution scenario in spiral galaxies using Illustris Simulations.

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